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TPP Week-In-Review

On Monday, in the wake of Father’s Day, Sam dissected the political issues underlying President Obama’s Fatherhood and Mentoring Initiative and argued that most Americans have views on government and parenting that are similar to Obama’s

On Tuesday, Marc highlighted our tendency to prioritize American lives over those of Afghans or Iraqis, a Foreign Policy in Focus article on the subject, and added some relevant thoughts of his own; Jake defended Obama’s pragmatism and presidential image in the face of national catastrophes against the criticism from The Washington Post; and Sam disagreed with David Brooks on why Americans are frustrated with progressive economic initiatives

On Wednesday, Sam maintained that FIFA ought to improve its officiating to secure the legitimacy of and loyalty to the game’s rules, and John supported BP’s right to hire lobbyists in Washington

On Thursday, TPP intern Jonathan suggested in light of the firing of General McChrystal that not all dissent is necessarily good dissent

On Friday, Luke disagreed with the New York Times’ Stanley Fish and argued that student opinion ought to be taken seriously when evaluating professors, Marc wondered whether or not the media ought to embarrass criminal suspects, and TPP intern Han points to the notion of moral intent in order to disagree with the conclusion of Foreign Policy in Focus’ Adil Shamoo

In Others’ Words

Some folks at Philosophy Forums discussed the potential drawbacks of letting your moral code become your way of life

The Philosophers’ Magazine issued the second of five pieces on the best ideas of the 21st century

The Clyde Fitch Report wondered about the influence of Ayn Rand, and considered a new play called Ideal

Nicholas Byron Hall at Helium listed what he thinks are the best ethical philosophy texts

Paul Newell at The Galilean Library defined ethics and its various subfields, and described fundamental ethical positions and tenets in the West

Newsvine described the contemporary collision between ethical humanism and religion

Anarchist Writers argued that the development of revolutionary syndicalism can be explained without appeal to Marxism

The Political Bookworm at The Washington Post recommended some must-read books for conservatives

According to The Wall Street Journal, Japan is crazy about ethical philosophy

If you’re a fan of philosophy, American culture or history, or Westerners, check out this Chicago Sun-Times article on Professor Robert Pippin and his book, Hollywood Westerns and American Myth

Aaron Schwartz at Raw Thought saw a lot of political philosophy in Disney’s latest film, Toy Story 3 (although some commentators over at Hacker News seemed to disagree)


TPP Friday Rewind

TPP Week-In-Review

On Tuesday, Marc directed us to an interesting debate on health incentive programs

On Wednesday, Sam argued for the importance of determining how liability is appointed for the Deepwater Horizon spill in the long run

On Thursday, Sam pointed out the state of New York’s decision to allow no-fault divorce, TPP intern Han suggested that foreign interference in Iran might be permissible in the name of the life and liberty of the Iranian people, and Jake offered a look at a New York Times article on NASA’s ownership of its research

On Friday, Luke showed that the issue of “sin taxes” on products like cigarettes and fatty foods forces us to deal with a number of other difficult questions and decisions

In Others’ Words

Professor Leiter notes some stinging criticisms of the New York Times‘ new philosophy blog, The Stone

Mr. Zero from The Philosophy Smoker compares introductory ethics courses to general introductory philosophy courses, and the performance of students in them

A number of posters at Philosophy Forums try to distinguish the difference between ‘ethics’ and ‘morality’

If you are a fan of the vampire-laden Twilight series, and you like philosophy, then check out the review of this book on both topics: True Blood and Philosophy: We Wanna Think Bad Things About You

Diana Hsieh of Modern Paleo wonders about the definitions of philosophy and its various branches

Steven Levingston reviews a new book on how Americans confront cultural and moral dilemmas


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  • Marc Grinberg is a Presidential Management Fellow. He studied Political Theory at Oxford.

  • John Rood is founder of Next Step Test Prep. He has an AM in Political Theory from Chicago.

  • Luke Freedman is studying Philosophy and Political Science at Carleton College.

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