Some election thoughts

The revolution will be televised

After a midterm election which featured the largest pick-up of seats

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by any one party since 1948, most mainstream pundits have focused on the purely political slicing and dicing: is the Tea Party ascendant? What does it mean for 2012? How crazy is Rand Paul?

But elections are also moments to reflect on the foundations of our system of governance, because they illuminate the most fragile elements of our political system.

In no particular order, some TPP-style election ruminations:

- Power Changes Hands Peacefully…Again: this blog often focuses on value-laden questions about such issues as the limits of freedom, the obligations of equality, and the standards of political conduct. We spend less time on how our political process is constituted, but that doesn’t make the topic any less central to real political philosophy. When the balance of power shifts as dramatically as it did on Tuesday, it’s a useful moment to remember that the way we have designed our political system has never once lead to bloody succession. Scholars will debate why, but the results are noteworthy

- The Growing viagra uk Danger to Democracy?: emboldened by the Citizens United decision last year, undisclosed third-party expenditures reached $300 million during this cycle. Much of this money came from a handful of very wealthy donors. While these political contributions are protected speech, it’s time to wonder whether they will overwhelm the voices of average voters–and what that means for America

- What’s an Opposition to Do?: Representative John Boehner (R-OH) finds himself in an interesting position. The likely Speaker

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of the House for the new Republican majority faces, on the one hand, a base eager to undo much of the sweeping legislation Democrats passed over the past two years and, on the other, a need to actually address the many

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problems currently plaguing America. He faces a real question about how to lead his caucus. Should they stand in the way of the President and the Democrats, or is it time to put aside ideology and compromise?

These are just a few things I’m generic viagra from canada pondering. What about you?


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Image used under a Creative Commons attribution license from Flickr user Rob Boudon.


One Response to “Some election thoughts”

  1. Frank on November 4th, 2010 2:36 pm

    I’m pondering how americans are so easy to manipulate, a great mystic and philosopher
    (my father) once told me that most people suffer
    from sheep complex- (meaning they don’t have a
    mind of their own, they just belive everything
    they hear from the pastor)pastors like Limbaugh,
    Beck,the tea party they easily managed to convince
    people of their agendas. Most of this sheep don’t
    vote out of their own intuition and beliefs, they vote out of their weak manipulated minds.

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