TPP Weekly Rewind

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TPP Week-In-Review

  • On Tuesday, Marc explored the suggestion that we periodically rewrite the US Constitution, TPP intern Jonathan pondered religion’s effects on political discourse, and Luke suggested that patriotism might not be all it’s cracked up to be
  • On Wednesday, TPP intern Han introduced and criticized some iPhone apps that help us debate the existence of God, TPP intern Ethan doubted that robots like Paro should be used to comfort the mentally ill, John offered another look at the iPhone apps Han disparaged, and Sam asked some questions concerning the place of ‘loyalty’ in ethical thinking
  • On Thursday, TPP intern Han rejected the importance of historical knowledge in understanding political institutions and in making political arguments
  • On Friday, Daniel considered the compatibility of liberalism, democracy, and Islam, while Jake begged Han to read his history books

In Others’ Words

  • The New York TimesDot Earth blog sat down with Professor Donald A. Brown to discuss environmental ethics
  • Thinking Matters took a look at Peter Singer, the Euthyphro Dilemma, and Divine Command theory
  • Intellectual Conservative predicted the future of conservatives’ regard for William F. Buckley
  • Robert Wolff gave the third installment of his introductory series on game theory and related fields
  • Mytheos Halt at ParcBench didn’t think Rand Paul should support Michael Steele
  • The Western Confucian pointed out some connections between Saint Robert Bellarmine and the Founding Fathers
  • Born Again levitra indien Redneck was awestruck at an Australian politician who quotes John Locke and JS Mill
  • According to Professor Leiter at Leiter Reports, The New York Times’ philosophy blog, called The Stone, will soon be getting some ‘stronger’ philosophers to contribute
  • Apparently, 26% of American residents do not know that US declared its independence from Great Britain
  • Oxford’s Practical Ethics blog took a look at the Paro robot and asks some questions similar to those TPP intern Ethan posed on Wednesday.
  • Richard Chappell at Philosphy, et cetera compared two different kinds of ‘average utilitarianism’
  • UNC Professor Susan Wolf spoke on ‘meaning in life’ for Philosophy Bites
  • Dowell at PEA Soup offered a solution to a problem concerning ‘ought’s and ‘if’s
  • According to Ethics ETC, The Journal of Applied Philosophy will award an annual prize the best article in each year’s Volume
  • The University of Toronto decided to close down its Center for Ethics


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  • Marc Grinberg is a Presidential Management Fellow. He studied Political Theory at Oxford.

  • John Rood is founder of Next Step Test Prep. He has an AM in Political Theory from Chicago.

  • Luke Freedman is studying Philosophy and Political Science at Carleton College.

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