More polarized than ever

This is interesting – and unfortunate.  A new Gallup poll released today suggests that the American public is more politically divided than ever, at least when measured by Presidential approval ratings.  The percentage gap between Democrats’ and Republicans’ average approval of Obama is a whopping 65%, topping the previous record held by Clinton of 52%.  88% of Democrats approve of the job Obama is doing while only 23% of Republicans approve.

A year ago, Barack Obama spoke of a new, post-partisan era in Washington in which our common American values and aspirations would finally overcome the petty divisiveness of politics-as-usual.  Wonder what he thinks now?



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  1. David Masterson on January 26th, 2010 10:29 am

    This is a self-fulfilling prophesy. Unless the country hits a problem that brings it together, the divide will just keep growing.

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